Tap - age 9+ 

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Following on from Tap & Modern Jazz combined classes, the techniques are now separated to enable us to spend sufficient time working with the students on each technique. It also allows students who may be stronger in one technique than the other to continue to progress and move onto higher levels.

Technique is further developed and more challenging steps are tackled such as single, double and triple timesteps, ‘beat wings’, ‘riffs’ and ‘pull backs’. Performance skills and musicality are also vital components and continue to be one of the main focusses in class in order to create good performers.

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We have an Unset Tap Class for students at Grade 3 level during which the exercises change regularly. This helps students learn how to pick steps up quickly and become quick thinking dancers.

Students work towards graded and vocational exams with the IDTA, the higher levels of which are accredited and on the National Qualifications Framework alongside GCSEs, NVQs etc. Dance exam results can therefore be used on University applications (UCAS forms) and count as 'points' towards entry.

We currently have students up to Intermediate level Tap but we can also offer Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 levels as required.

Tap dancing is considered to be one of the three core dance techniques, along with Ballet and Modern Jazz and therefore assists in vocational college entry for those who wish to pursue dance or Musical Theatre as a career.

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