Street - aged 6+


These classes are run on Saturdays for 2 different age/ability groups. They are generally very popular with music ranging from hip hop and house to jazz and funk. Students will learn 'locking', 'popping' and 'freezes' amongst other things. A new dance is started every few weeks so there is plenty of variety.

Street is mainly for fun although this style is often seen in auditions for dance college entry so it's well worth attending classes alongside Theatre techniques if you hope to pursue dance or Musical Theatre as a career. There is no uniform to buy and no exams to prepare for although Street Dance students will have the opportunity to perform in our regular shows.

Web street photo

These classes are run on a ‘pay-as-you-dance’ basis where you don’t need to enrol and half-termly payments aren’t required. You just pay the weekly fee at reception as and when you attend and hand your receipt to the Instructor when you enter the class, there is no need to pay for any missed weeks. Students on the Scholar Programme may attend these classes under that scheme.

For these dance classes, you can wear whatever you like as long as it is safe and doesn’t restrict movement. Clean trainers and dance shoes are both fine, combats, strappy tops and jazz sneakers are all popular.

Tel: 0845 094 6460 (local rate)  e-mail: info(AT)   Postal address: Prima Academy, 84 Featherstone Grove, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 5RJ