Princess Pre-Ballet - aged 3-5


This is a dance class for 3-5 year olds offering a basic, inspiring introduction to Ballet. Little girls love this class but it is of course open to boys too who can be the Prince!

Every child is given a special Princess attendance card which is brought to class each week when a new sparkly star is added to it!

The uniform includes a delightful pink sparkly tutu skirt and a special crown to help the children really feel the part.

Classes are themed around the following famous Princess stories which alternate on a weekly basis:


- Cinderella

- Sleeping Beauty

- The Little Mermaid

- Beauty and the Beast

- Pocahontas

- Snow White

- Mulan

- Aladdin

- Rapunzel

- Nutcracker

Web Princess Photo

Dance steps covered include walks, marches, skips, runs, plies, spins, points, jumps, rhythmic claps, mime and even a little bit of singing but they are all incorporated into the week's theme.

The classes use Disney, piano and classical music along with some simple props such as pom poms, ribbons and scarves, to encourage natural movement and to help retain focus and increase enjoyment!

Each class ends with our Princess Poem and a curtsey.