Tap & Modern - age 3-9

This class is an enjoyable but essential introduction to both Tap dance and Modern dance. Children come into the class wearing their Tap shoes and that part usually lasts for about half of the lesson. They then remove their shoes (which are hopefully named!) and place their socks inside them to dance the Modern part of the class with bare feet which is the method required by the IDTA.

Foto Tap shoes

For the youngest children the classes are danced to fun music including TV themes that the children will recognise e.g. Dora the Explorer! We also have a Loch Ness Monster theme which the children love and instruments are used to help children recognise and respond to different rhythms. Plenty of imagery is used, including shapes and animals, the children become familiar with changes of direction, recall of steps and other concepts which makes this class an excellent stepping stone to the next level.

At 'Aqua' and 'Lilac' levels the children work towards Rosettes, Preparatory and Primary exams in the IDTA's syllabus. The main concepts are developed including rhythm, presentation, technique and musicality. The children begin to limber the feet, legs and ankles in preparation for more demanding steps which will be tackled at higher levels. The use of imagery is continued to encourage the right dynamics and 'creative shapes' are introduced which are key to success at higher levels. The music used in class is now mainly instrumental although we do include some music with lyrics, more so in the Modern part of the class and especially when working towards a performance.

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