Do I have to pay for the whole term in one go?

No we offer the option to pay 'half-termly' and Scholars may also pay weekly.

How much are the classes?

Weekly guide prices are given on our timetable. You will see the fee for the half-term period when you enrol for the class.

How do I book a free trial?

You will need to register an account with us and enrol your child for the class(es) you would like him/her to do. Go to our ENROL page to do this.

What if I don't want to come back after the free trial?

Just let us know so we can cancel all the charges on your account. If you don't let us know we won't know that your place is available for another child so you will still be billed for it.

Can I stay and watch the classes?

For the first class it's fine to watch if you would like to, after that we do find children generally settle better without a parent present. Sometimes parents do come in for more than one class if the child needs them to and that's fine. For Baby Ballet parents are required to be present and active with their child throughout the class. We do hold 'Watch Classes Week' once or twice a year where parents are invited to watch classes.

What if my child doesn't settle in, will I lose the money I've paid?

No, you can request a refund for a valid reason such as this.

What if I have to miss a few weeks, will I still have to pay?

Yes payment will be due as normal except for periods of sickness lasting 3 weeks or more, evidence may be requested in this instance.

Is there a uniform and will I need it straight away? 

Yes we do have a uniform (except for Street Jazz). We generally expect the child to have the full uniform within about half a term. The most important thing to buy first is the shoes. A uniform list will be sent to you after you enrol but it is also available to view here.

Where can I buy the uniform?

We sell most uniform items at Prima at competitive prices. Most sizes are kept in stock but if you need to place an order you will normally receive it the following week.

Do you have any 'boys only' classes?

All our classes are mixed but we do hold one weekly 'boys only' class. We do have more boys than most dance schools and we encourage them wherever possible by having special offers available, full details can be found on our 'Boys' page.

How many children do you have in a class?

It varies, most classes are not full so you will probably find around 10-15 per class on average. We aim to keep the maximum at about 20 children, though depending on exams groups etc it can creep slightly over at times. Where there is a full class with a waiting list we will always try to split the group if timetabling and time allows. For larger classes of very young children we always have at least one class assistant, sometimes two or three.

Are any of your old students professional dancers now?

Yes lots of our former students have gone on to dance professionally, teach dance and even open their own dance schools.

Do you get children into Ballet Schools or Dance College?

Yes quite regularly, you can read our record of success by clicking here.

Are the staff police checked?

Yes all adult employees who have any contact with children will have undergone Enhanced Disclosure with the Criminal Records Bureau.

Are the teachers qualified?

All teachers are either fully qualified with, or undergoing teacher training with the Royal Academy of Dance or the International Dance Teachers' Association. Trainee teachers are also Registered with the Council for Dance Education & Training.

Do you do shows?

Yes we aim to have a show about once a year or so. This is optional for all students except children in Baby Ballet who are considered too young.

Do you do exams?

Yes we have exams with the Royal Academy of Dance and the International Dance Teachers' Association, these are optional though we do recommend them. You can find lots of information on our Exams page.

Do classes still run in the school holidays?

No although you may find that there is a class on the Saturday at the start or end of the holidays. We often do run classes throughout half term though.

Do you hold any other events?

Apart from exams and shows we often have a Christmas Party and occasionally organise a group trip to the theatre. We regularly inform all our students via e-mail of other dance related events and auditions in the area and our students often go along to them.

What are the facilities like?

We have 3 studios available, all have fully sprung or cushioned floors. One has fitted barres and mirrors, the other two have portable barres available. There are also changing rooms and a waiting area for parents. There are a couple of photographs on our Location page.

What if I decide to leave?

We require 5 days notice to cancel your place at Prima. However after your week's free trial and a couple of additional weeks to settle in, we do expect half a term's commitment at a time so you if you choose to leave part way through a half term period you won't receive a refund for that block of classes. Full details are available in our Terms & Conditions.

Tel: 0845 094 6460 (local rate)  e-mail: info(AT)primaacademy.co.uk   Postal address: Prima Academy, 84 Featherstone Grove, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 5RJ